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Our business began in 2002 focusing on value proposition refinement, copywriting and sales collateral development.  It soon extended to meeting setting, based on these refined messages, and the personal network of our founders.  The contact database and services expanded to include lead generation, event attendee generation, awareness campaigns through digital marketing – and then the creation of our own pre-built event formats using the Chief Wine Officer experience (2006), industry roundtables (2007) and the evolving NATION industry forums (2011).

In 2012 we added creative design, lead nurturing, integrated precision marketing campaigns and automation to our product suite.  We are continuing to grow and consistently deliver successful, impactful campaigns for our clients across the USA, UK and Europe.

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Our Team

Meet our Chief Nation Team! Each member of our team plays a vital role in the success of all of our campaigns, from our researchers through to our pro-active account managers and from our creative team through to the digital marketing gurus we all work together on total account management.

We have been generating business for over 10 years now and our methods are tried, tested and tested again to make sure we are getting our clients the best quality leads for their business no matter what.

Precision Marketing Campaigns

We are a B2B marketing agency specialising in precision marketing and lead generation campaigns for our technology, finance, retail and service industry clients. We offer targeted marketing solutions in the US, UK & EU aimed at generating new business leads, creating opportunities and increasing ROI. 

We offer a variety of business generating services including copywriting & editorial, development & design, digital marketing and awareness campaigns, meeting setting, VIP networking events, through the Chief Wine Officer and Nation Forums, culminating with our lead nurturing

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Our Family

We've grown over the last few years and manage a number of cross-industry brands - a B2B marketing agency through Chief Nation, a number of Chief Nation experiences through the Chief Wine Officer, Chief Golf Officer and the Chief Beer Officer and we host a number of Chief Nation Forums including; Finance Nation, Retail Nation, Mobile Nation, Media Nation, Gaming Nation, Social Nation, Tech Nation, Cloud Nation, Data Nation and Risk Nation.

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