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How to bring action to your buttons

The Call To Action (CTA) button may appear small. It may seem minor compared to an overarching marketing strategy. And compared to a headline and a body full of benefit-led copy, it can look like just a footnote. But that’s definitely, absolutely, totally not the case. The CTA button plays a vital role in converting your audience. It’s the finale of a carefully constructed sales...

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Why your Google Analytics data is probably wrong – and how you can fix it

Guess what – most Google Analytics setups are broken. People are reporting results using data that’s wrong. Organisations are changing things on their website based on incorrect information. What can be done about it? Plenty. Here’s the thing: Google Analytics is an amazing tool, but it won’t work ‘out of the box’. Yes, you can add its code to your website and start seeing data...

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The State of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing helps marketers turn prospects into delighted customers. It enables them to create connections between marketers looking to sell and customers wanting to buy. Here’s how… At the heart of inbound marketing is a four-stage process – attract, convert, close and delight. This requires marketers to use several tools and a variety of channels. For example, attracting potential buyers by creating and sharing personalised...

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The world of B2B email marketing in 2017

Email marketing consistently generates the highest ROI, helping marketers attract and engage with their audience. What’s more, email marketing is an effective tool for building databases, nurturing leads, throughout the buyer’s journey. As long as it’s done the right way. Emails on the rise Here’s the thing: People feel stressed due to the relevance and the number of emails they receive in their inboxes. Hence...

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Use this little-known trick to boost your search engine ranking

You probably know the importance of using keywords and keyphrases on your website. That’s how search engines – and your readers – know what your pages are about. Hopefully you, or someone in your team, also take the time to craft proper meta descriptions for each page. What about your pdfs? Despite problems with usability (such as large file sizes, unresponsiveness on mobile devices, not...

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‘Should I have a slider on my B2B website?’

Does your website have a slider or carousel? Plenty do. That must mean they work, right? Well, no… not according to most of the internet. A quick Google search gives you headlines like: ’homepage sliders: bad for SEO, bad for usability’, ‘why sliders make your website suck’, and ‘Don’t use automatic image sliders or carousels’. There’s even a website: which gives it to you...

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Account-Based Marketing in the B2B world

“Don’t count the people you reach, reach the people who count” Legendary ad man David Ogilvy’s famous quote may be a few decades old. However, in the era of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), it’s never been more relevant. Here’s why. Unless your product is a world-first, you’re probably competing in a crowded marketplace. You’re then faced with the timeless question of how to differentiate. Of course,...

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7 B2B marketing predictions for 2017

As we start 2017, it’s time to take a B2B marketing-themed look ahead at what’s in store over the next 12 months. Technology and transformation will, as always, ensure it will be a time of innovation, change and opportunity. Here are 7 reasons why: Artificial Intelligence (AI) In September, Sentient launched Ascend, an AI-based A/B testing tool. Instead of setting up the tests manually, Ascend promises...

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