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Use this little-known trick to boost your search engine ranking

You probably know the importance of using keywords and keyphrases on your website. That’s how search engines – and your readers – know what your pages are about. Hopefully you, or someone in your team, also take the time to craft proper meta descriptions for each page. What about your pdfs? Despite problems with usability (such as large file sizes, unresponsiveness on mobile devices, not...

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‘Should I have a slider on my B2B website?’

Does your website have a slider or carousel? Plenty do. That must mean they work, right? Well, no… not according to most of the internet. A quick Google search gives you headlines like: ’homepage sliders: bad for SEO, bad for usability’, ‘why sliders make your website suck’, and ‘Don’t use automatic image sliders or carousels’. There’s even a website: which gives it to you...

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Account-Based Marketing in the B2B world

“Don’t count the people you reach, reach the people who count” Legendary ad man David Ogilvy’s famous quote may be a few decades old. However, in the era of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), it’s never been more relevant. Here’s why. Unless your product is a world-first, you’re probably competing in a crowded marketplace. You’re then faced with the timeless question of how to differentiate. Of course,...

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7 B2B marketing predictions for 2017

As we start 2017, it’s time to take a B2B marketing-themed look ahead at what’s in store over the next 12 months. Technology and transformation will, as always, ensure it will be a time of innovation, change and opportunity. Here are 7 reasons why: Artificial Intelligence (AI) In September, Sentient launched Ascend, an AI-based A/B testing tool. Instead of setting up the tests manually, Ascend promises...

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5 reasons why you need microcopy

Microcopy may not be as well-known as traditional copywriting, but there’s nothing “micro” about its impact. Well-designed and well-written microcopy can make or break or break a website. And it’s the “well-designed” aspect that’s particularly important. Because with microcopy it’s as much about “where” you put it, as “what” you put in it. Here are five reasons why you need microcopy: 1) Microcopy banishes “click fear”...

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8 ways to make your B2B blog a success

When it comes to online marketing tactics, blogging is one of the stalwarts. Digital trends may come and go, but blogging has stayed the course as a viable tool for growing your business. That is, as long as it’s done the right way. Here’s the thing: the reason most blogs fail is because there’s no long-term vision. So with that in mind, here’s an 8-step guide...

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How to do A/B tests the right way

A/B testing sounds simple. Take two versions of whatever you’re using in your campaign – webpage, email, landing page, ad – and show them to your audience. The design which gets the best result wins. Easy isn’t it? Well, yes – in theory. The thing is, in practice it’s never that straightforward. So here’s a plan for making sure you do tests the right way –...

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5 Stages To Optimise Your Landing Pages For Lead Generation

To make your landing pages a fully functional and seamless sales tool; a short amount of time can be spent on developing a well-planned landing page lead-gen strategy. Below are the 5 stages that we include in any lead generation strategy that help to increase conversion rates and generate more online leads. In order to measure a lead-gen campaign, we need to set some targets...

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How To Get Your Prospects To Listen To You

Good question? If you asked 3 different colleagues to summarise what you sell in two sentences – would you get the same answer… and would that answer be powerful enough that you put in front of all the different types of decision maker amongst your prospects?  Does it differentiate your company, your business benefits, your technology benefits, and your vision? As Chief Nation we consistently help...

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