At Chief Nation, we bring together talent across marketing, data, creative, and – of course – events under one roof. In this exclusive interview series, we’re introducing you to the people that make your campaigns shine.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to our very own comic-reading, sci-fi-loving, cycling enthusiast. Our King of Design is Bogdan Butuc. Here’s his very long overdue Getting To Know You.

You’re a Multimedia Designer here at Chief Nation. Could you tell us what this means for you and your team?

In my role as a Multimedia Designer I feel like I have to translate all the beautifully written content into something visual that is easy to understand and looks the part as well be it static – like an illustration, a report or an infographic, online – emails and webpages, or in motion – animated banners or short teaser video; all of that while following fundamental design principles and some UX best practices.

On top of that I can jump and help my team with the technical aspects of the job like fixing a piece of code on a website or configuring some stubborn plugin.

Walk us through your average day.

It really depends if it is peak season for events or digital content.

If we are in a middle of a new wave of clients for events I’ll spend a good chunk of time on creating event pages and banner packs for those.

If we have to launch either a new piece of original content like the podcasts episodes or infographics I will spend some time on all fronts: creating teaser videos or reports PDFs, webpages and all adjacent collateral.

And when I’m not doing any of those things I either try to find ways to come up with new ideas for the brands I’m responsible for and create templates to simplify the repetitive tasks.

Bogdan is our Multimedia Designer here at Chief Nation as part of the content team.

Curveball: favourite movie and why?

Just one? Really?! Oh well, in that case I’ll go for Ghost in the shell (the 1995 animation).

A masterpiece of cyberpunk storytelling, this movie has a bit of everything: futuristic tech and a lot of action supported by philosophical ideas about the nature of reality and what it means to be human.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Staying fresh while doing quite a few of the same things by trying to add some little twist to every other iteration of the same type of content.

And the most rewarding part?

That moment when the ideas I have for a design end up looking good, or better, when put on paper (or the screen).

If you were a wine, what would you be?

I really do not know that much about wine. Maybe, Chardonnay… quite common but if you get know me you can find the subtle notes.

Playing board games, card games and painting miniatures are just some of his fave past times.

Do you have any hobbies? How do you unwind at the weekend?

Cycling – can’t get enough of it. Playing board games or card games and painting miniatures. Reading comics (not the superhero ones though, I won’t be able to answer anything about the Marvel MCU). Reading a good sci-fi anthology (If anyone knows a good replacement series for the Gardner Dozois ones please let me know).

Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

Yes – especially at a work social when everyone goes for either too much meat or no meat at all.

What’s the best present anyone has ever given you?

A Red Letter Days extended light aircraft flying lesson.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment at Chief Nation?

Using the same GIF to say ‘Hi!’ to the new Chiefs on the company’s WhatsApp group.

Leaving the joke aside, the biggest accomplishment has to be the Chief Wine Officer rebranding after I joined the company. I was pretty happy with the way I created a cohesive look on all type of collateral, printed, web and social media.

Finally, what’s your favourite drink?

A slightly chilled citrusy hoppy IPA.

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