At Chief Nation, we bring together talent across marketing, data, creative, and – of course – events under one roof. In this exclusive interview series, we’re introducing you to the people that make your campaigns shine.

Today, we’d like to introduce you the newest member of the design team, and the man whose bought dynamic moving image to the brand. This is the talented, Dolly Parton loving, Multimedia Designer, Harry Quirk.

Harry is our Multimedia Designer here at Chief Nation as part of the Creative team.

You’re a Multimedia Designer here at Chief Nation. Could you tell us what this means for you and your team?

As a Multimedia Designer I work on various projects with all of our brands, with a focus on our social media presence. I get to work with everyone from different teams, which I really enjoy.

I’m also responsible for a most of the motion design and animated content we put out. I love to make things move and I’m always trying to push the envelope on what we can achieve through motion!

Walk us through your average day.

Each day can be quite different but I mostly spend my mornings working on events, client work and anything else the wider team needs from design. I like to plan out time in the afternoon for larger creative projects so that I can really give my attention to producing great work.

Lover of puppies!

Curveball: favourite movie and why?

The Lion King (1994). Isn’t it everyones?

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Staying creative! I’m lucky in that my role covers different types of design work but I try to challenge myself to always bring fresh and innovative ideas to what I create.

And the most rewarding part?

Seeing my work used throughout all of our brands. It’s such a great feeling to see the impact of what all of us in the content team produce!

If you were a wine, what would you be?

Pinot Grigio. Isn’t it obvious?

Harry’s bucket list holiday destination is Dollywood!

Do you have any hobbies? How do you unwind at the weekend?

Drawing, friends, gigs, swimming, galleries, gaming and lots of trash TV.

Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?

No. Nope. Never

What’s the best present anyone has ever given you?

A 1993 Dollywood T-Shirt signed by Dolly Parton (I’m a huge fan)!

What’s been your biggest accomplishment at Chief Nation?

Injecting more and more motion design into the content we produce. It’s great to bring what I already know to the table as well as being able to learn and develop my motion skills along the way.

Finally, what’s your favourite drink?

Cider, #westcountry!

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