As a digital to human engagement agency, we work to connect our clients with their target audience through our unique, multi-channeled approach. Our strong team heads up a 330,000+ community of C-level executives, and via this C-level network, we generate digital conversations through our C-suite portal,, and human networking through virtual roundtables and our VIP virtual events experience, Chief Wine Officer.  

However, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we lost around 70% of our events in the UK, EU and US overnight. But we didn’t let that dampen our spirit. In a bid to support our clients during these uncertain times, we pivoted and launched an innovative new virtual version of our Chief Wine Officer networking experience – virtual roundtables –  in order to adapt and thrive digitally. 

By responding creatively in such challenging circumstances CWO : DIGITAL continues to bring C-Level delegates together – albeit virtually – on a conferencing platform to discuss the latest technology trends. Wine is sent directly to each attendee’s door, and a wine expert is on call to guide them through a virtual wine-tasting, adding an extrasensory level to this innovative interactive format.

Chairman David Moore, along with Managing Directors Richard Porter, Laura Porter and Craig McCartney, created, launched and sold this new virtual product in less than 4 weeks. The early response was hugely encouraging and our virtual events continue to help people to meet, network, and forge new business relationships.

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