In recent months, customer behaviour has changed at a staggering rate of 71%. As a result, digital adoption has become necessary for business survival.

Virtual engagement is the new normal.

And so, as we head into the eighth month of the unplanned, remote-working era, we’re calling all marketers and sales leaders to take part in our short survey to uncover what innovate strategies are being employed to replicate a human approach – and how these are affecting pipelines.

The Power of Human Marketing: Face-to-Face Engagement in the WFH Era is your chance to tell us how you’re overcoming – or struggling to overcome – current challenges in order to continue nurturing consumer relationships virtually.

How has your organisation’s marketing and sales been impacted by the inability to run face-to-face activities?

What’s the biggest challenge your organisation is currently facing?

What virtual face-to-face activities have proven the most successful?

These are just a few of the questions we want to uncover the answers to.

By collating a range of responses, we aim to develop an in-depth understanding of how organisations are innovating to keep up with evolving business demands – and share our findings with you!

To help us delve even deeper, business leaders will have an opportunity to be interviewed by a member of our team and gain access to a series of exclusive virtual networking events. These insights, combined with our own learnings from our recent pivot to virtual events, will be used to create a virtual marketing playbook.

We invite you to share your opinion on the future of human engagement in this WFH era. Your insight will be added to the final report.

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Take the short survey today and share your experiences of adapting and reinventing your face-to-face engagement offering in a time of global uncertainty. In return, you’ll receive a free copy of our comprehensive report!

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