Chief Nation has partnered with Bombora to improve the effectiveness of our ABM programs. We overlay our lead generation services over Bombora’s SurgeTM data to improve the accuracy of our digital and direct marketing.

This sniper-like approach delivers higher conversion rates and more opportunities for your sales team.


Our partnership offers clients a unique collaboration of identifying intent and matching that to your target audience

We overlay Bombora’s data over our custom database of 310K users to find users from your target accounts showing intent.  Once we activate the data we formulate and executive a digital, direct and content marketing plan to  engage with your key decision makers with timely and relevant messages. This sniper-like approach drastically increases conversion rates from lead to meeting to opportunity.


We identify intent via target accounts and then look for decision-makers from those accounts

Bombora works with 3500+ B2B publishers to identify buying intent by account on an IP level. We match that intent to your target accounts then run the accounts through our contact database to find the decision makers and influencers.

The benefit of use overlaying the Bombora Company SurgeTM data over our database is that we can pinpoint the executives or departments who will be influencing or making the decisions regarding software purchases for the organisations.


Use timely messaging and relevant content resonates at the right time

For the next stage we create a digital and direct marketing program to reach out to them with the timely and relevant content. This content and messaging is hyper-personalised to each target user from a surging account.

The aim is to engage them with them, convert them into a lead, then nurture them through the funnel taking them on a seamless journey to pipeline.


 We get you in front of your decision makers who are showing buying intent

Whether it is a phone call, face-to-face meeting or B2B marketing event, the main goal of any account based marketing campaign is to get your sales team in front of your target audience. Once a user positively engages with the campaign we qualify them or disqualify them for face-to-face engagement.

Our range of C-suite networking experiences such as Chief Wine Officer are ideal for relationship building and new business generation.


Bombora analyses the business content consumption of millions of B2B organisations and informs you when target organisations are indicating active demand for products or services that you offer.

Know who wants to hear from you right now

There are B2B businesses in active research mode for your products or services. But do you know who they are?

Company SurgeTM helps you identify those businesses before they have raised their hand or landed on your website so you can proactively coordinate sales and marketing activities around businesses with active intent.

A data-driven approach to sales and marketing

Usher in a new wave of B2B buying with a data-driven approach. Company SurgeTM arms you with the knowledge of which businesses are researching what topics and the intensity of that consumption with a Topic Score from 0 to 100.

By using Intent data, you can prioritise target accounts and customise conversations to drive better results for your business.


We’ll run a free Bombora SurgeTM report for you based on 12 of your key topics.