Values, culture & inclusion

Chief Nation is an equal opportunities employer with an international, multi-lingual team. We promote equality and diversity, and we’re committed to our staff’s wellbeing and continuous development.

Diversity, inclusion & equality

We train our chiefs to be sensitive to issues of diversity, inclusion and equality. We invite guests to speak on them. And we make sure that we keep the conversation going — not just once in a while, but throughout the year.

"I really enjoy working with the multicultural team here at Chief Nation. The company culture is wonderful, I’ve not worked in a more supportive environment. Work/life balance is really at the forefront, enabling me to have the best of both worlds."

— Ieva Dirsiene, Events Team Leader

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Diversity & inclusion

Our values

We foster a flat, creative and collaborative work environment where each team member is supported and contributes to the growth and development of the agency.

We talk about it

The best ideas start with a conversation. Whether it’s across tables, teams or enterprises, communication is at our core, it’s how we inspire true collaboration and deliver strong results.

Committed to our humans

Our dedication to the success of our colleagues and clients is what drives the success of our colleagues and clients. Simple as that.

We come as we are

Our unique team is a powerful blend of cultures, languages, and heritage. With great diversity comes greater possibility.

Think big

Our size has us bursting with drive, ambition and personality. We can nimbly adapt to the needs of our clients with a dynamic and tailored approach.

Transparency breeds trust

And trust is the foundation of real relationships.

Mental health and wellbeing

We strive to break stigma around mental health and wellbeing. If you’re struggling, our trained mental health first aiders are here to listen and help. We also run training sessions for all our Chiefs and focus on creating policies that help work/life balance.

Chief Nation celebrates everybody's differences and greatly values mental health and work/life balance. Only when we feel our best can we do our best work.

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