Values, culture,and inclusion

Chief Nation is an equal opportunities employer with an international, multi-lingual team.
We proactively pursue equality and diversity, and we’re committed to our staff’s wellbeing and continuous development.

Diversity, inclusionand equality

We train our chiefs to be sensitive to issues of diversity, inclusion and equality. We invite guests to speak on them. And we make sure that we keep the conversation going — not just once in a while, but throughout the year.

Mental healthand wellbeing

We strive to break stigma around mental health and wellbeing. If you’re struggling, our trained mental health first aiders are here to listen and help. We also run training sessions for all our Chiefs and focus on creating policies that help work/life balance.

Meet the community, engagement andwellbeing Chiefs


Mental Heath First Aider


Diversity & Inclusion
Mental Health First Aider

We talk about it

The best results start with a conversation. Communication at our core, and it’s how we deliver true collaboration and strong results.

We're committed to our humans

We are committed to the success of our colleagues and clients and act accordingly. Simple.

We come as we are

Our unique team is a powerful blend of cultures, languages, and heritage. We embrace difference and encourage diverse perspectives. 

We think big

We’re a small agency with big ambition. Our size means we’re able to adapt and innovate at speed to best serve our clients.

We trust through transparency

We’re always transparent in our efforts to build meaningful relationships.

We promote positivity

Positivity uplifts those around us. Negativity for its own sake is challenged.

Employeedemographic survey

Here’s what we learned when we ran an anonymous employee demographic survey.

100% of employees

felt welcome when they
joined Chief Nation

100% of employees

agree that Chief Nation is
a friendly place to work

86.7% of employees

felt supported in being
themselves at work

We come as we are

Our team comprises of six different ethnic groups and five different religions or philosophical beliefs

These are a few of our favourite things...

We lovea cuppa

56.3% of us prefer tea
over coffee

We lovethe sunshine

46.7% of us chose summer as our favourite season of the year

We love agood playlist

85.7% of us prefer music
streaming platforms over vinyls

Lastly, here are the animals we wish that we could be!