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We helped US Data Warehouse innovators, Yellowbrick, generate millions in pipeline

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in new pipeline




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Networking and engagement services used


20 at-home events across the USA


An original content strategy


Direct outreach and 1-2-1 engagement


A thought-leadership podcast

"The CWO team is fantastic to work with. They are excellent at targeting the right attendees and they pay attention to every detail. The events themselves are engaging and relevant and they drive real business value for us."

- Jeff Spicer, Former CMO, Yellowbrick

About Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick is a US-based Data Warehouse innovator, providing solutions to big names such as BMW, Catalina, and LexisNexis. They offer modern Data Warehouse solutions that boast elasticity, performance, and composability both on-prem and in the cloud. But as with any company on the rise, forward-momentum must be maintained, and that’s where we came in.

Why they came to us

Yellowbrick sought to establish themselves as thought leaders in the Data Warehouse vertical. In an already saturated market, this was no mean feat. They needed to engage their executives from heavy hitters in the US financial services and tech sector. By acquiring a large and well-known clientele, they hoped to boost their market credibility and increase their bottom line.

Our solution

To cut through the market noise, we tailored a multi-channel campaign on Data Warehousing.

Our campaign focused specifically on highlighting the unique value that Yellowbrick could bring to their clients. In an industry notorious for vendor lock-in, hidden costs, imponderable complexity and high risk, Yellowbrick focused on giving customers clarity, transparency and freedom.

We constructed a custom data set that allowed us to effectively target and personalise content

We reached out to key targets on Yellowbrick’s behalf, beginning conversations and connections that brought several high-value leads.

We hosted 20 events across the United States, owning the conversation and inviting market leaders to participate.

We welcomed Mark Cusack, CTO of Yellowbrick, to our podcast for a discussion on filling the gaps for distributed industry challenges and the future of cloud.

Results and campaign metrics

The campaign ended in a resounding success. Participants in our events converted into follow up meetings at a greater rate than any other Yellowbrick marketing activity. According to Yellowbrick Former CMO, Jeff Spicer, this programme was responsible for 12% of overall sales opportunities generated by marketing that year.

We opened the door for Yellowbrick to reach previously unreachable decision makers in companies including Deutsche Bank, Dell Technologies, Barclays, Mastercard, Wells Fargo and Zurich. Now Yellowbrick is considered an important disruptor in their space.

We also overperformed on all major campaign metrics…


of guests made of heads, directors and VPs of Data & Analytics


target accounts in attendance
from across 35 states


sales opportunities were created

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