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Generating face-to-face engagement, virtually

Marketing and sales leaders around the world have been under immense pressure to find innovative ways of engaging customers and prospects virtually. But while the global pandemic has tested the resilience of entire teams and industries, it has also provided them with new opportunities to evolve. Discover how B2B technology leaders have adapted to the shift to virtual engagement and how it’s impacting pipeline in this exclusive report.

What you'll learn:

The key challenges to virtual engagement – and how these are being overcome

What virtual event formats are the most successful and why

Top tips for running a successful virtual event in 2021 and beyond

In March 2020, Covid-19 forced businesses around the world to close their office doors and prepare for an extended period of remote working. With a ban on in-person gatherings and events, marketing and sales leaders were under immense pressure to find innovative ways to engage customers and prospects, virtually.

With 98% of B2B technology marketing leaders now saying they will continue to use virtual platforms to connect with their customers, we wanted to uncover what new, holistic approaches they’ve been utilising to thrive in an increasingly digitally connected world.

We reached out to 50+ carefully selected B2B technology marketing and sales leaders across the UK, US and Europe to discover how they’re replicating face-to-face engagement virtually, and how it’s impacting pipeline. We then interviewed a select few respondents to gain even deeper insights.

In this new and exclusive report, we present the findings from our extensive outreach to provide B2B technology leaders with the knowledge and insight necessary to thrive virtually and beyond.

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"Those that do not adaptwill not succeed."

— Ramon Planas, Sales and Marketing Director