We help our clients create powerful sales collateral and market messaging through a value proposition development workshop


We help our clients develop their market messaging and value proposition when going to market with new and existing products and solutions.  We have developed a Market Message Framework process (below) which has been used successfully across scores of diverse technology clients.

Our experienced editorial team ideally meet with up to 4 key stakeholders: Sales, Marketing, Pre & Post-Sales Support – and start with a 60 minute meeting to pose the following series of questions built as a grid.  This grid is then finalised via email & phone calls over the subsequent 2 to 3 days and turned into a one-pager.

Once completed and signed off by all parties, this grid then acts as a central reference point for all new sales and marketing collateral, digital campaigns, events and new business presentations.  It can even be treated as an organic document to be updated as new sales progress.


Buy-in from Stakeholders

Get all of your own stakeholders on the same page and agreeing the key messaging

Success stories

It almost always brings out unknown stories about client success and customer wins

Know your Audience

Clearly identifies who you are targeting and the core message to each audience type

Clear future vision

It clearly separates company, business & technology benefits – and the future vision


Who are the buyers?

Who are the decision makers?
Who are the influencers?

Why buy from you?

What makes your product or solutions stand out? How will it have a positive impact on their business?

What is their background?

Job titles?
What is the DMU?

What are the benefits?

What are the technology benefits?
What are the business benefits?

Goals & challenges?

Industry trends and challenges?
Common objectives?
How can we address those?


Customer success stories?
Client quotes and case studies?

What is their story?

What is their persona?
What messaging resonates with this user?

Future vision?

What 2-5 year vision can you provide for the customer?