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Generating face-to-face engagement, virtually

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B2B marketing must-know statistics for 2021

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7 secrets to running the ultimate digital event

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C-level networking events 101

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The LinkedIn trends every marketer needs to know

Did you know that more than 80% of all B2B leads originate from LinkedIn?

To help you craft marketing campaigns with real that cut-through, our in-house social selling specialists have compiled their knowledge and wider industry trends for B2B marketers. From the death of the cookie to the contextual marketing revolution, the desire for more ‘good’ in marketing and the rise of social selling, this is the place to start your campaign refresh.

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In this new and exclusive report, we examined the key LinkedIn marketing trends you need to be aware of to get ahead. With 59% of B2B marketers generating their leads on LinkedIn, it’s a platform you simply cannot afford to overlook.

More than 80% of B2B leads that are socially generated come directly from LinkedIn.

Discover the LinkedIn trends every marketer needs to know

Create genuine digital experiences that drive authentic human interaction

The legacy B2B sales funnel still stands true, but with customer-centricity now prevailing all areas of business, marketers must prioritise customer experience in B2B or be prepared to fall behind. Chief Nation takes a close look at the people pioneering this and provide some invaluable tips on raising your experience-based pipeline.

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It’s time to amplify your B2B sales funnel and apply an experience-driven lens at every stage. Starting with our 3-step approach detailed in this online guide.

"As you plan your 2021 and beyond, sharpen your focus on your customer. Place them at the centre of every decision, across marketing, sales and customer success."

- Yamini Rangan, Chief Customer Officer, Hubspot

Discover the secrets to B2B customer experience excellence now

Digital vs hybrid vs live:C-level insights on the future of B2B networking events

With virtual attendance rates soaring, how has the C-suite responded to cancelled face-to-face meetups? Has going digital opened new doors? And most importantly, as a senior executive, how should you be shaping event strategies to put together the ultimate networking experience?

In the wake of the lifting of social restrictions, we surveyed our community to find out.

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Just as hybrid work formats are taking over from real-life office days, hybrid events will shape the future of the events industry too. Feed this into your events strategy and you might just be on to a winner.

"Excellent event! Well organised and engaging!The digital and physical worlds collide over a glass of wine."

- Chief Wine Officer Guest review

Find our how the business world is adapting to hybrid events

A new kind of podcast for the C-suite

The Show is a new peer-to-peer podcast series hosted by our digital brand,, where we talk to influential thought leaders about how tech is continuing to change the way the world does business.

In each episode, we catch up with tech leaders and innovators to learn how they’re embracing new technologies and strategies to create value and success for their companies. You can find all episodes on every major podcast streaming platform now.

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Each episode, the Show will bring you open-ended explorations of markets, technology, trends, ideas and strategies – all with the aim of helping you deliver better results for your company and stakeholders.

"My goal is always to hire people a lot smarter than I am and just get out of their way."

- Paige O'Neill, CMO, Sitecore

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Generating face-to-face engagement, virtually

Marketing and sales leaders around the world have been under immense pressure to find innovative ways of engaging customers and prospects virtually. But while the global pandemic has tested the resilience of entire teams and industries, it has also provided them with new opportunities to evolve.
In this exclusive report, we present the findings from our extensive outreach to provide B2B technology leaders with the knowledge and insight necessary to thrive virtually and beyond.

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Discover how B2B technology leaders have adapted to the shift to virtual engagement and how it’s impacting pipeline in this exclusive report.

"We have short attention spans in our digital world. It's important to up the production and engagement value."

- Andrea Clatworthy, Global Head of ABM, Fujitsu

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B2B marketing statistics for 2022 and beyond

Are you looking to enhance your marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond? Look no further. We’ve compiled must-know statistics for B2B marketers just like you.
Updated regularly, here are the cold, hard facts you need to guarantee B2B marketing success.

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As demand for content continues to rise, learn why elements such as social media marketing, automation and data are integral and necessary building blocks for foolproof strategies to get conversions and increase engagement.

77% of brands could simply disappear and no one would care - so you need to go that extra mile.

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Thriving digitally:7 secrets to running the ultimate digital event

Virtual Video Conferencing has soared in recent times. According to Reuters, this March video conference platform downloads reached 6.7 million. But with so many factors to consider, what can you do to ensure you’re thriving virtually?
In this exclusive resource, discover how you can up your digital events game and stand out from the crowd.

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Discover the best practices to attract and captivate audiences, whilst creating conversions with engaging formats and insightful data-driven content.

Think of it as a business first date. You want to tell them enough to keep them interested but not too much to make sure they come back for more later.

Discover more tips on how to run successful digital events

10 need-to-know success factors for sparking C-suite conversations

The following information provides 10 insightful Success Factors, and is designed to help you and your team work as effectively as possible.
By incorporating each of these Success Factors, your C-Level event has the best chance of producing the optimum results, and generating maximum value from your event.

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Each success factor is based on insight and knowledge of what works gathered over 15+ years of successful networking events. Together, they form a proven roadmap for ensuring maximum value from your event.

Having a clear idea of the objectives will help to shape the event, gather the right information, attract the right audience, and work with the right teams.

Discover more success factors in our comprehensive guide now

Virtual events industry survey

The business landscape has been adapting dramatically to reflect our current climate. It’s no surprise that many businesses have taken this as an opportunity to pivot and innovate.
Recent occurrences have halted face-to-face contact, proposing physical distancing and amplifying the need for building social connections, albeit virtually.

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We culminate our responses from industry leaders to assess whether there’s space to shift from live to digital, how new strategies can spark new conversations, and what a successful virtual event looks like.