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The LinkedIn trends every marketer needs to know


Did you know that more than 80% of all B2B leads originate from LinkedIn? With 722 million users worldwide, it should come as no surprise that LinkedIn is where professionals come to do business. But finding a way to cut through the noise takes more than just pinging out messages to strangers in the vague hope you’ll connect. It takes imagination. It takes gusto. It takes a forward-thinking approach to marketing that few truly master.

Those that have these qualities, and the know-how, will stand out from the crowd – and deliver actionable leads from LinkedIn. To help you craft marketing campaigns that cut-through, our in-house social selling specialists have compiled their knowledge and wider industry trends for B2B marketers. From the death of the cookie to the contextual marketing revolution, the desire for more ‘good’ in marketing and the rise of social selling, this is the place to start your campaign refresh.

What you'll learn:

Key LinkedIn marketing trends from around the world

How to make sure your lead generation campaign on LinkedIn actually delivers

The role your company’s approach to key social issues plays on LinkedIn