The power of human engagement.

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Meet our team

We believe in the power of conversation to spark meaningful business relationships.

Established in 2002, Chief Nation is a B2B marketing powerhouse. We have a strong, multi-disciplined team that heads up a 330,000+ community of C-level executives.

For the past 18 years, we’ve been starting conversations and facilitating new business relationships between the world’s leading technology companies and global enterprises.

Through integrated digital and human-based marketing our expert team get you face-to-face with the C-suite.

Our connected, multi-channel approach to B2B marketing – spanning data research, content creation, digital marketing, and in-person and virtual experiences – turns digital conversations into human networking.

It's time to reach your unreachables.

Meet our team of humans

28 Chiefs, 11 languages, 8 nationalities & 5 directors

A history of Chiefs

New clients
New client accounts won since March 2020

Virtual events
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Working here and our world-class team is growing

How we've evolved


Riversix was born

Riversix, our parent company, was created. Originally a messaging and value proposition agency, we helped our clients speak in layman’s terms about technology.


Chief Wine Officer premiere

We saw the need for a premium B2B networking experience that would bring our clients face-to-face with buyers. Chief Wine Officer premiered in London in 2005 and has established itself as one of the leading B2B event experiences for the C-suite.


New York calling

Through word-of-mouth, our client base grew across the pond and it wasn’t long before we introduced our CWO concept to the US audience.


Virtual events before their time

We launched virtual events before they got famous. Our digital wine tastings connected offices in Paris, New York, Mexico City, São Paulo and London.


European expansion

Europe came calling and we happily obliged. We’ve now run digital and event campaigns throughout the French, Benelux, and Nordic regions.

Launching, our C-suite content hub

We won our first digital client campaign and have continued to evolve our digital approach ever since. Our team are now the spearhead when it comes to the Digital to Human approach,


Enter Chief Gin/Beer/Whisky Officer events

Our portfolio of VIP event experiences grew to include Chief Gin, Beer, and Whisky Officer events. Inspired by our flagship CWO brand, these experiences provided an alternative to the successful wine tasting format.


Management 2.0

Riversix underwent an MBO. David and Hayley Moore, the founders, welcome in (existing Chiefs) Craig McCartney, Richard Porter and Laura Porter as part of the new management team to continue to drive the business forwards.

Digital events come to the party

The global pandemic has changed the way we do business. We’ve launched a new set of virtual events including Chief Wine Officer : DIGITAL, Cafe’s, and Boardrooms delivering impressive attendance rates (averaging 100%+) and ROI for our clients.

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