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We generated more than 400 qualified leads for AI-based security intelligence company, Dataminr

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About Dataminr

Recognized as one of the world’s leading AI businesses, Dataminr’s clients are the first to know about high-impact events and emerging risks. Dataminr solutions helps business leaders in over 100 countries across six continents to them solve real-world problems by mitigating and managing crises.

Why they came to us

In a crowded and sophisticated marketplace, Dataminr were set upon opening the EU and UK markets. While there were a few other players providing similar services, Dataminr was unique in the scope and speed with which they created security insight. Aiming to highlight the strategic value of their unique multimodal AI, their team sought our help in showcasing their expertise, increasing brand awareness among European security leaders, and nurturing them into leads.

Our solution

A multi-channel targeted campaign that reached hard-to-reach prospects in the EU market

Through our bespoke Digital to Human approach, we were able to kickstart online conversations that resulted in hundreds of leads. We marketed Dataminr’s thought leadership whilst adding our own editorial contributions, augmented and enhanced through independent research.

We built a database of physical and cybersecurity leaders and tailored our content campaign to suit their needs precisely.

We created an exclusive content hub for Dataminr, boosting the credibility of their articles.

We surveyed C-suite security leaders from countries including Spain, France, Switzerland, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, followed by conducting in-depth interviews. We then wrote a 35-page report providing a detailed view of the European market, which has since become a popular source of leads for Dataminr.

We also reached out to respondents of our survey and started conversations that resulted in high value leads.

We hosted four networking events that place Dataminr face-to-face with C-suite decision-makers at their key target accounts.

We interviewed two prominent Dataminr speakers on our podcast platform, The Show, reaching a broad, global C-suite audience

Our team collaborated with a Dataminr executive to optimise their LinkedIn presence for authority on security challenges and opportunities


We helped forged new relationships between Dataminr and their prospects in the EU and US.


event attendees


qualified leads


key meetings


important strategic market finding

Networking and engagement services Dataminr used


Seven events run


An original content strategy


A Social Leader campaign


A Show podcast series with 2 episodes

"The CWO team is fantastic to work with. They are excellent at targeting the right attendees and they pay attention to every detail. The events themselves are engaging and relevant and they drive real business value for us."

- Jeff Spicer, Former CMO, Yellowbrick

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