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We helped enterprise data giants, Pure Storage, gain a foothold in the UK

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in new
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One CWO At Home event


Two Roundtables


One CEO.digitalCafé


Two Show podcasts


LinkedIn Leader programme


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"Thanks to the Chief Nation team we added $1.5 million to our marketing sourced pipeline in the UK. Their Digital to Human™ campaign consistently gets us face-to-face with the C-Suite."

- Julie Murray, UK & I Marketing Manager, Pure Storage

AboutPure Storage

Pure Storage is a market leader in cloud storage solutions, providing an unparalleled service for any number of enterprise storage and modern data use cases. They’re empowering innovations in the gaming sector, Formula 1, and Major League Baseball through flexible, scalable cloud solutions that eliminate data bottlenecks.

Why they came to us

Pure Storage wanted to bring their product to the forefront of the UK business market. Their ‘as-a-service’ expertise positions them as an ideal partner for organisations looking to excel in this era of digital, disruption, and data. We applied our Digital to Human™ approach to help them enable virtual, face-to-face connections with key account targets looking to modernise their enterprise infrastructure.

Our solution

A targeted and research-based integrated campaign to expand in the UK.

Our personalised Digital to Human™ approach for generating responses from senior executives helped facilitate vital new relationships between Pure Storage and their world-leading target accounts.

We constructed a custom data set that allowed us to effectively target and personalise content

We built a content hub and three separate content streams to tailor the nurture process

We reached out to key targets on Pure Storage’s behalf, beginning conversations and connections that last to this day

We hosted four networking events that got Pure Storage in the room with C-suite decision-makers at their key account targets

We interviewed two Pure Storage client speakers and published the conversations on our podcast platform, The Show, reaching hundreds of C-suite listeners

Our team collaborated with Pure Storage VP and GM for UK&I, Wes van den Berg, to optimise his LinkedIn presence and engage key targets on relevant topics and upcoming events

Results and campaign metrics

By tailoring our approach to meet Pure Storage’s expansion goals, we overperformed on multiple key metrics and nurtured new relationships with dozens of industry giants, including ITV, Mastercard, GSK, NatWest, Shell, and Boots.


million in new pipeline created


target accounts engaged


contacts reached out to and added to our database


C-suite event attendees


new LinkedIn connections


content downloads

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